The thame int'l H20 mop is a total rip-off!

Charlotte, North Carolina 0 comments

The H20 mop is a total rip-off! I purchased the 1st one less than 1 yr. ago with extra pads for a total of $142.85m & it broke, they sent me the 2nd one, I had to pay the shipping, plus they "urged me to purchase their waranty" for another $19.95, this one never worked! so far they've taken $176.70 out of my good earned money! for something that is miss advertised, due to the fact that is a total piece of JUNK! People like that should be put out of business!

I'm in the process to see what can I do to obtain some of my $ back!!!

Lets see where this takes me!

Review about: H20 Mop.

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